S01E01: Return to Sender [4K UHD]

When Suneet graduates medical school, she's sent to work in the one place she's trying to avoid: back home to the suburban town of Surrey, Canada.

S01E02: Sanskari Syndrome [4K UHD]

Suneet tries to adjust to life in the slow lane while Kashif tries to grow his wedding video business, Skylar tries to sell a house, and Shyam tries to pretend he's stuck in Surrey by choice. 

S01E03: Dream, Job [4K UHD]

Shyam takes Suneet on a “Surrey date” to prove Surrey isn't as bad as she thinks... while trying to avoid admitting the opposite. 

S01E04: Phone a Friend [4K UHD]

Suneet reaches a breaking point with her dad as Shyam reaches a breaking point with reality. Kashif and Skylar just tread water professionally while watching Kashif's family business at Payal Centre.

S01E05 (FINALE): Sharma Ni Aundi [4K UHD]


As a new door opens for Suneet, Shyam sees if he can make her reconsider going through it.